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Let’s Celebrate National Pet Day 12 April 2023

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Say Hi to Zeus, R & M Homewares fur baby.

It’s time to show your furry friends some extra love in this April 12th! National Pet Day is a special day full of appreciation and recognition for all the furry family members out there. But what can you do to really show your pet how much you appreciate them? Whether it’s a special treat or a whole day dedicated to showing them some extra affection, there are plenty of ways to make sure your pet knows how much you care this National Pet Day. This upcoming April 12th, National Pet Day will be celebrated more than ever before. People from all over the world will be doing something special for their pets, from showing extra love and attention, to taking them on an adventure. Those with a rescue pet can express gratitude for the unconditional love they receive from their furry friends, and even those without their own pet can join in on the celebration by volunteering at a local shelter or donating to animal-related charities. No matter how you decide to celebrate, National Pet Day is the perfect opportunity to show your pets how much they mean to you.
What is R & M Homewares going to do for this event? We will be reducing our pet products up to 50% and any orders received, R & M Homewares will donate 5% towards Animal Welfare League Queensland. Interested in taking part? There are two options, you can either purchase a pet product or donate to our nominated charity Animal Welfare League Queensland via our donation button. Curious to know how much we collected and contributed you will be able to see our live donation tracking amount.
Why choose Animal Welfare League Queensland? Animal Welfare League Queensland firstly it is a non for profit organisation, prior to rehoming the animals they are fed, cared and provided all necessary treatment and the home they are going is suitable, no rehoming of the animals are rushed, emergency boarding, behaviour care, providing families with affordable vet care, liaising with local councils to prevent animals being euthanized, ensure the animals are placed in a safe place where they are able to regain confidence and have a second chance in life they deserve. It touches our heart to know that Animal Welfare Leagues mission and values align with R & M Homewares personal values.
Every living being shouldn’t be neglected, abused or mistreated, we all should be given a second chance in life regardless if you are a animal or human being. R & M Homewares understand customers will be skeptical with donating, yet we guarantee your donation will be sent to Animal Welfare League Queensland. How do we guarantee the donation has been forwarded on to the charity chosen? After the event, R & M Homewares will post the email received from the organisation of the amount in total donated. R & M Homewares is committed to donating to meaningful charities. Is there a charity your passionate about and like to help? Send us an email with a link or information regarding the charity. Lets see what we can work out together. Helping the community the best possible way, not only restores humanity and faith but making a small dent in the world to make it better.


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