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8mm TPE Yoga Mat Non Slip Dual Layer

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Available in Australia only. Get started on your fitness journey now with this comfortable, non-slip yoga mat by Randy & Travis Machinery. Crafted from eco-friendly TPE, this dual-layer mat contains no PVC or any other harmful chemicals. Latex- and rubber-free, this mat is the ideal choice for those with allergies. With no odour and incredible cushioning, you'll look forward to your daily workout. Body alignment lines help you focus and achieve the precise position you need to keep your body in perfect alignment as you exercise and stretch. Use these lines to keep yourself in proper posture in a variety of yoga positions (asanas). Whether you do yoga in a studio or at home, these lines will make sure you're using the correct technique, even when your instructor isn't around. Its high degree of resilience allows you to keep your balance, no matter how difficult the position or exercise. Its excellent rebound factor cushions your joints, helping you to prevent overuse injuries to tendons and joints. With its moisture-resistant material, you needn't worry about sweat seeping into its pores. Simply clean it with mild soap and water, and you're ready to go. It comes with a carrying strap, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Get a head start on your fitness goals. Order your yoga mat today.

Black Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat

$79.95 GST
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Available in Australia only. 1 year warranty Crafted with precision and care, this artisanal massager is designed to provide a professional-grade massage experience in the comfort of your own home.

Electric Blackhead Vacuum Remover – Skin Improvement

$39.90 GST
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Available in Australia and New Zealand The Electric Blackhead Remover is a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their skin and take their personal care routine to the next level. This electric device is designed to safely and effectively remove blackheads and other impurities from your skin, leaving behind a smooth and glowing complexion. With its affordable price and free shipping, the Electric Blackhead Remover is a great investment for those who want to achieve healthier and clearer skin without breaking the bank. It's perfect for anyone in Australia or New Zealand who values their health and beauty. This electric blackhead remover is not just your ordinary tool, it's a game-changer. It uses gentle suction to extract blackheads and unclog pores, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. No more painful squeezing or scrubbing!

Face & Body Roller Massager

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Available in Australia only. Free Shipping High-frequency Vibration: Increases absorption and improves circulation Photon-activated Massage Tool: Relieves tension Smart Sensor: Starts when the massage head touches your skin Reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck Powered by 2 AAA batteries (Batteries not included)

Hand Bound Typographic Leather Journal

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Q Bazaar’s brand new Diaries Collection is here to add a dash of elegance to journaling! Whether it is for

Heated Eye Massager for Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

$79.95 GST
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Available in Australia only. Free Shipping
  • 40º Warm massage reduces dark circles, puffiness, and promotes the absorption of skincare products. Soothes the skin and smooths fine lines.
  • Sonic vibration massages the skin increasing blood circulation and relaxing the skin.
  • Red light therapy helps to smooth wrinkles and fine lines for a younger-looking appearance.
  • Smart auto-timer, the device automatically shuts down for precise use.
  • Compact & portable design, easily fits in a bag or purse to use anywhere at any time.
  • USB rechargeable battery, environmentally friendly.

Massage Gun Deep Tissue 8 Heads – Silver

$79.95 GST
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Available in Australia only. Free Shipping The role of fascia gun You know what? Exercise or poor posture can cause the fascia and muscles to break down, resulting in "delayed muscle soreness," which leads to stiff and painful muscles.Fascia gun can reduce adhesion and nodule between muscle and fascia by high-frequency vibration stimulation, and prevent sports injury. Features Import A smart chip 8 professional massage heads Strong silent motor The long-term life ABS shell Sports fashion 32 levels The noise reduction design Precision deep Massage for pain relief Blood circulation to reduce pain and effectively drive away fatigue Relieve fascia Prevent muscle soreness

Natural Cork TPE Yoga Mat Sports Eco Friendly

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Available in Australia only. If you practice yoga or Pilates – or even do stretches before a strenuous workout, a breathable, absorbent yoga mat is a must. This durable yet eco-friendly cork mat from Randy & Travis Machinery allows your skin to breathe as you work out, absorbing sweat to give you a cool, comfortable surface no matter how long your session. Not only is cork breathable, but it is also antimicrobial. It works naturally to inhibit moulds, bacteria, and odours. Free from PVCs, TPEs, and other harmful chemicals. It's 100% natural, completely plant-based – and completely sustainable – with no trees chopped down to source the materials. Thanks to the high-density natural rubber bottom layer, this mat grips the floor, giving you a stable surface to perform even the most difficult manoeuvres. Its 6-millimetre thickness cushions your body during your workout, allowing you to exercise in perfect comfort. Non-toxic markings define the space, allowing you to position yourself perfectly for each movement. It's waterproof and easy to care for. Simply clean it with a damp sponge and a little soap, rinse with some water, and let it air dry. Why use an uncomfortable, non-sustainable yoga mat when you can enjoy your workout with this all-natural one? Get yours today!

Remote Music Eye Care Massager

Available in Australia & New Zealand.  Experience the ultimate eye care and relaxation with this Remote Music Eye Care Massager. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for her, this device combines the luxury of a salon-like massage with the convenience of at-home self-care.

RF Body SPA Massager, Cells Repair, 3 Modes

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Available in Australia only. Free Shipping RF MODE: stimulate collagen production and reduce localized fat deposits EMS MODE: reach the deeper layers of the body to enhance muscle tone and help workout result to last LED MODE: help cells repair themselves and become healthier

Roll Out Mattress Foldout Mat LARGE Yoga Mat Natural Kapok Filled_ 150 x 200 cm

$499.95 GST
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Available in Australia only. Xtra Large sized 150 cm wide by 200 cm (2m) long-RED Great for guests or your daybed, yoga Pilates or resting Perfect to relax at home while reading a book, having a nap, or doing yoga, Pilates or meditation practices Portable design for a sleepover or camping, easy to store away or put in back of car; Great playmat or sleeping mat for children or adults Easy set up and pack away for sleep overs or Perfect for back of Motorbike, back of car or in spare room Only 5kgs in weight while providing maximum comfort and effectively blocks cold air from floor; Filled with 100% natural kapok fibre, handmade in Thailand

Screen Printed Travel Journal

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Whether it’s jotting down contemplative thoughts or mindless doodling, here’s a modish notebook for you to chronicle your experiences in.

Sonic Vibration Facial Massager for Skin Rejuvenation

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Available in Australia only. Free Shipping
  • Multifunctional Anti Aging Facial & Eye Skin Care Device was designed by an award-winning Japanese designer to increase the absorption of skincare products for brighter and smoother skin.
  • Facial Massage Head Constant 42º hot treatment and 10º cool treatment.
  • Special Eye Massage Head Constant 38º hot treatment and 10º cool treatment
  • Sonic Vibration Technology Massages the skin, plumps the skin, and helps to relieve tension
  • USB Rechargeable Battery & Auto-timer Design, convenient to use

TPE yoga mat extra thick large Black 8mm

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Available in Australia only.

USB Himalayan Salt Lamp for Wellness

$45.90 GST
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Available in Australia and New Zealand Known for their healing properties, Himalayan salt lamps are renowned for their ability to purify the air, promoting better sleep, reducing stress, and increasing relaxation. Experience the wonders of mindfulness and self-care as you bask in the warm, inviting glow emitted by this lamp. Embrace the natural energy of the USB Himalayan Salt Lamp for Wellness and unlock a world of tranquility and serenity. With free shipping to Australia and New Zealand, you can easily bring the benefits of this lamp into your home. Start your journey towards wellness today!
  • Affordable and accessible to all
  • Portable design with USB connection
  • Acts as a night light
  • Purifies the air and promotes better sleep
  • Reduces stress and increases relaxation
  • Enhances mindfulness and self-care practices
Take control of your health and well-being with the USB Himalayan Salt Lamp for Wellness.

Yoga Ball Inflatable Stability Training ball

$52.99$69.99 GST
Available in Australia & New Zealand
  • Made of high quality PVC material, firm, durable and long service life.
  • ♦【Fine Design】Fine design for double-sided massage, ease fatigue, relieve body and mind.
  • ♦【Perfect Functions】Fine thickness, super strong bearing and anti-explosion, to ensure safety.
  • ♦【Multip-function Use】This soft pad can help train balance and flexibility, also suitable for ankle recovery.