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Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Storage Cabinet – White

$158.95 GST
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Tier 1 Shipping fees applies to NZ. Looking to replace your bathroom mirror cabinet? Well, our bathroom Storage Mirror Cabinet is just the right thing for you. Finished in high gloss PU and made of quality 15mm MDF material, our Storage Mirror Cabinet is designed to be long-lasting and durable with a touch of class. The twin soft-closing doors open to lots of storage space within the cabinet with adjustable shelves to suit your various storage requirements for toiletries, medicine and other bathroom essentials. Not least, the pencil-edge handles make this Storage Cabinet uniquely stylish whilst the crystal-clear mirrors reflect wide coverage with absolute clarity Eco-friendly and easy to install, our premium Storage Mirror Cabinet is always ready to make your day a beautiful one. Get yours today.

DIY Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

$109.90 GST
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Available in Australia and New Zealand Join the trend and revolutionize your bathroom experience with the DIY Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat. Perfect for homes in Australia and New Zealand, this innovative bidet combines affordability, functionality, and style. Upgrade your bathroom today!
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature control for a customizable experience
  • Easy DIY installation – no professional help required
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective by reducing the use of toilet paper
  • Free shipping for added convenience and savings
Caution: Before installing the bidet toilet seat, please ensure that you have a working water supply and the necessary tools. If you are unsure about the installation process, consult a professional.

Renewable Material Wall Shelf – Eco-Friendly

$42.99$58.99 GST

Available in Australia & New Zealand

When you purchase the Renewable Material Wall Shelf - Eco-Friendly, you are not only investing in a practical and stylish piece of furniture, but you are also supporting sustainable practices.

SAMODRA Bidet Attachment Ultra-Slim Toilet Seat

$89.99 GST
Available in Australia and New Zealand Traditional toilets are not as sanitary and hygienic as they should be. Toilet paper doesn’t always do the job and can be harsh on your skin. Not to mention the amount of water wasted each time you flush. The SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet Toilet Seat with Attachment is the perfect solution for a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom experience. Its dual function nozzle provides adjustable water pressure and a retractable nozzle guard gate for double protection. Plus, the new upgrade Brass Water Inlet ensures a longer service life and less water waste!