Wood Turned Acacia Wood Rolling Pin & Board With Stand

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Wood Turned Acacia Wood Rolling Pin & Board With Stand

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Made with supreme quality acacia wood, this rolling board and pin deserves a place in every kitchen! Acacia wood is known for its high durability and water-resistant ability. It is claimed that even if acacia wood isn’t treated or protected in any way, it can last up to 40 years! Natural beauty of wood shines through in this offering, embodying effortless beauty! Hand cut wooden offerings are as close as they get to being raw and natural. In the craft of wood turning, having skilled hands with geometrical precision is always the top priority. The wood gets turned into an offering with the use of a wooden lathe. The lathe does the job of rotating the wooden materials along a fixed axis. The rotating block of wood gets worked upon by cutting and carving it into proper and even geometrical angles, using precision steel tools. Its very process makes it impossible to fit in an industrial mass production scenario. If that is not as artisanal as it gets, we don’t know what will be!

Color :Brown

Production Method :Wood Turning

Material Description :Acacia wood

Size(L x B x H) :Rolling Board- 11x11x1″,Pin- 1.75×1.75×14″,Stand- 5.25×3.5×1 Inches

Weight :1930 grams

Care Description :Hand wash in running water with mild detergent

Disclaimer :Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm | Though naturally smooth, acacia touts a distinctive straight or wavy grain pattern. Textural nuances like knot holes, scratches and blemishes are highlights of natural wood, lending a distinct rustic flavor to the offerings. It is typically a medium to dark brown, either red, gold, or tan

Pack Contents :Set of rolling pin & board with stand

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Weight 1930 kg


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